Message from General Chair, Dr. Mohamad Taeibi Rahni

 Aerospace Research Institute and International Iran Air Show are pleased to invite you to the first International Conference on General Aviation.
ICGA will be held 26-29 November 2018 at the beautiful Kish Island at the same time as the Kish International Air Show.
Certainly, this conference will be a great turning point in scientific, technical, and administrative aspects of general aviation in Iran and in the region. 
One of the main aims of this conference is realization of the country’s strategic plans in the field of general aviation. Presenting and discussing the latest achievements in this field, spotting obstacles and difficulties on the way of the realization of general aviation, developing the necessary international context, and promoting general aviation are among other goals of the conference.
ICGA provides a unique forum for professors, researchers, experts, and students from across a wide spectrum of areas to discuss problems and opportunities, find new synergies to overcome obstacles of general aviation and promote initiatives for international cooperations. Identifying young and emerging scholars and elites is another objective of this conference. Our aim is to continue this conference in the following years and we hope that other scientists assist us in pursuing these objectives.
The Conference program is designed to bring together local and international organizations (including governmental and non-governmental ones), industries, aviation communities, etc. These leaders will gather in Kish Island to present the research results, to exchange ideas, to debate roadmaps, and to discuss the future opportunities provided by aviation activities.

Conference Topic

  • Importance of Air Transport in Development of Tourism
  • Aerial Aids,such as Airborne Firefighting and Air Ambulance
  • Crisis Management
  • Navigation,Control,and Monitoring 
  • Importance of Aviation in Agriculture
  • Aviation Laws
  • Integrated Safety Management Systems (ISMS)
  • Standard Requirements of Aviation
  • Air Sports/ Recreational Aviation
  • Natural Resources Exploration / Aerial Photography and Surveying
  • Air Taxi
  • Airport Services
  • Investigation of Air Accidents
  • Pilot Handling Skills
  • Design of Light Aircrafts
  • FANS

Main objectives of the conference:

  • Realization of policies and objectives of comprehensive aerospace strategic plans of the country in the field of aviation
  • Promoting aviation culture and raising public awareness
  • Offering opportunities for joint international cooperations in the field of general aviation
  • Establishing an appropriate environment for bringing national and international professors,students,and experts together in order to exchange opinions and information 
  • Recognizing the latest innovations and technologies of the general aviation industry
  • Identifying and introducing young scientists and elites in the field of general aviation
  • Recognizing the difficulties of the general aviation industry and looking for solutions

Final Paper Submission:

September 6,2018

Final Registration:

October 12,2018

Conference Date:

November 26-29,2018

Conference Website:



Aerospace Research Institute of Iran (ARI),15th Alley,Mahestan St,Shahrak-e-Gharb,Tehran,Iran